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Talent matching platform with the mission to end bias in the hiring process

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Active Talent Search

With Before's proprietary matching platform, create an active talent search based on what you are looking to hire and start getting targeted candidate profiles sent to you automagically.

Anonymous Vetted Profiles

No more resumes, pictures, videos, or AI-driven tests. Anonymous, easy-to-scan top-hits-style profiles vetted by real people.

Community of Communities

Before partners with communities of all shapes, types, sizes, and platforms. That means that employers find vetted top talent from across our vast community of communities, and candidates get in front of far more hiring managers.

Connecting the Pipes

Before isn’t just another job site. It’s building the underlying infrastructure to connect platforms, communicate across systems, and put matches together faster and more reliably.

Who is Before for?

For Candidates

It could take up to six months to find a new job. It feels impossible to know exactly what companies are looking for, which leads to a lot of ignored resumes and empty pints of ice cream. You feel judged before ever talking with a human. Before you begin the process of looking, have a conversation with a member of our Talent team to help you hone in on your potential, and passively help you search for a new job, through our anonymized bias-minimizing process.

For Companies

Every time you post a job on an online job board, you are overwhelmed with thousands of applicants. In order to winnow down the options, you may be using algorithms which, inadvertently, insert bias into the process. Before you post a new job opportunity elsewhere, work with a member of our Opportunities team to design a process to find the candidate with the greatest potential to be an asset to your company.

For Communities

With the explosion of super active online communities on sites like Slack and Discord, there has been rapid growth in the creation of #jobs channels which allow community members to help each other organically find employment. Before you invest in a community manager specifically for the job opportunity channel, work with a member of our Partners team to see how we can help you maximize the opportunities to empower the members of your community.